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Recovering debts owed to you or your business is your right and can be made easier with proper legal support. The Creditors’ Rights Practice Group has decades of experience representing creditors and helping them enforce their legal rights and remedies. Our firm represents individuals, financial institutions, secured and unsecured creditors, assignees, and equipment lessors in all aspects of litigation in state and federal proceedings.

We recognize that the most cost-effective solution for the creditor is frequently to negotiate with a debtor to voluntarily pay down its debt, release the creditor’s collateral, or restructure its indebtedness. However, if negotiations do not provide a result that is acceptable to our clients, we will enforce their rights by initiating legal proceedings. Creditors have several protections that can be utilized to help them recover their losses due to the failure of a debtor to repay their debt. An experienced creditor’s rights attorney can help guide you through the debt collection process and ensure that your rights are protected. We routinely file the following actions on behalf of businesses and individuals:

  • Judicial foreclosures involving commercial or residential real estate
  • Replevin, attachments and garnishment proceedings
  • Contract disputes, collection actions and enforcement of judgments
  • Real and personal property levies
  • Receiverships of businesses and real property
  • Judgment Execution and Collection
  • Proceedings supplementary to execution, including fraudulent conveyances and continuation/alter-ego liability

No matter your debt recovery issue, the attorneys at Lorium will explore your legal options and advise you on an appropriate course of action. We pride ourselves on our small firm size and our close-knit client relationships. You can be assured that your lawyer will always be available when you need him or her and will handle your case efficiently and effectively.

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